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  • 16Apr

    Geosynthetics included in ‘innovative materials’

    Government report cites geosynthetics for roadway stability and strength


    Geosynthetic opportunities for shale gas plays worldwide

    The geosynthetic opportunities associated with shale gas plays are numerous and essentially involve every type of geosynthetic material.

  • 01Apr

    Use of geosynthetics in wind farm access roads

    Case histories from Poland, Canada, and U.S.



  • What Are Geosynthetics?

    Geosynthetics are manufactured polymeric products used with materials such as stone or soil as part of manmade projects, such as buildings or roads. These products or materials can be used, often in conjunction with natural materials, for a vast variety of purposes. Geotextiles, for instance, can be used to separate or filter soil, and geomembranes are often used as impermeable liners for ponds or other manmade bodies of water. The many diverse uses of geosynthetics are unified by the fact that nearly all of them are used to solve problems related to civil engineering. Civil engineering is a field of engineering devoted to building and maintaining such manmade environmental features as roads, canals, buildings, and bridges.


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