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Woven geotextile

Geolon PP

Woven geotextile, together with reinforcing function executes functions of separation and filtration

Geolon PET

Woven geosynthetics for soil reinforcement made of 100% high tenacity polyester yarns.

Geolon PE

Geolon PE geotextile specially designed to meet the most critical filter demands.

Nonwoven geotextile

Polyfelt F

Polyfelt F filter mats are geocomposites consisting of two mechanically bonded continuous-filament nonwovens. One nonwoven acts as a filter, while the other serves as protection.

Polyfelt P

Nonwoven geotextile Polyfelt P for protection of geomembranes and other sensitive materials

Polyfelt TS

A UV stabilized, needle punched, and heat treated nonwoven geotextile produced from 100% polypropylene staple fibers.



Geogrid THRACE TG - extruded, polypropylene geogrid. Mainly used for soil reinforcement and stabilisation.

Miragrid™ GX

Miragrid GX products are knitted geogrids made from high tenacity polyester yarns which are covered with a black polymeric coating


Thrace TGC

Thrace TGC is a polypropylene (PP) geocomposite designed specifically for the stabilisation of soils

Polyfelt® Rock PEC

Geocomposite Rock PEC was designed for combining the functions of reinforcement, splitting, filtration and draining within a single material.

Polyfelt® PGM-G

Polyfelt® PGM-G – geocomposite for reinforcement of asphalt concrete pavement.

Drainage geocomposites

Polyfelt DC

Polyfelt DC is a geocomposite consisting of a geonet and a filter nonwoven on one or on both sides.

Polyfelt® Megadrain

TenCate Polyfelt® Megadrain drainage composites are monofilament geomats from polypropylene, with a filter nonwoven on one or on both sides.


Wepelen® Barriers

Geomembrane - geosynthetic polymer waterproof barrier, which is made from Polyethylene high density after extrusion technology.

Geosynthetic clay liner


Voltex® - self bonding, composite needle-punched sodium bentonite / geotextile waterproofing membrane

Natural fibres blankets

Greenfields K

Greenfields K consists of untreated coir fibre captured between meshes of Polypropylene (PP) photodegradable or, biodegradable jute.

Greenfields SK-50-P/J

Greenfields SK consists of untreated coir fibre and straw, captured between meshes of Polypropylene (PP) photodegradable or, biodegradable jute

Greenfields S-100-P/J

Greenfields S consists layer of straw, captured between meshes of Polypropylene (PP) photodegradable or, biodegradable jute.

HasTec KGW

HasTec KGW coir netting is manufactured from coir fiber, woven into a one hundred per cent biodegradable, flexible erosion control mat which provides 35% ground coverage.


Vmax3 consists of an evenly distributed untreated coir fibre matrix, captured between 3 meshes of Polypropylene (PP).

Synthetics blankets

Polyfelt® Polymat

TenCate Polyfelt Polymat are monofilament mats made from UV-stabilized polypropylene and polyester, with or without a synthetic reinforcing grid.



The PRS-Neoweb geocell is a composite 3D honeycomb structure created by the interaction of infill soil, cell walls and cell geometry.



Gabions are building structures of different shape and size, made of hexagonal wire netting.

Gabions EcoMatrass

Similar to eco-baskets but with lower height

Gabions EcoSacks

Gabion eco-sack is created by one sheet of gabion panel.


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