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HasTec KGW

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HasTec KGW is manufactured from untreated machine spun coir fibre, woven into a one hundred per cent biodegradable, flexible erosion control mat which provides 35 per cent ground coverage.

Recommended Application

For slopes of.1:2 or steeper. To prevent soil loss and provide long term slope protection by establishment of planned vegetation. Also suitable for drainage ditches, balancing ponds, waterways bank protection where the soil is exposed to fluctuating water levels, landfill or wherever soil protection and protective vegetation establishment is required.


3 to 5 years, depending on site conditions, including temperature, exposure to moisture, soil acidity etc.


400 - 1000 grams (minimum) per square metre; the material dimensions and other technical data are available upon request.


HasTec KGW is available in rolls of various widths and also in bales. The mesh size is approximately 35 x 35mm.
HasTec KGW must be laid vertically on steep or longer slopes but may be laid horizontally on short or shallow inclines and must conform closely to the slope geometry. The blankets must not be stretched. Prior to installation, the slope should be cleared of large or loose stones and hollows should be filled, to establish complete soil contact and if seeded in situ, allow germinating seeds to successfully root and flourish. A minimum of 100mm soil depth is recommended to adequately support vegetation. The application of fertilizer is not usually necessary unless the blankets were installed on non-organic subsoil. The blankets should be pinned with 150, 200mm mild steel pins at a recommended pinning average of 3 per square metre, depending on slope steepness.




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