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Laying, installation and welding of the HDPE geomembrane

Our company, in addition to the supply of all types of geotextiles and geosynthetic materials, also offers a full range of services for laying, installation and welding of polymeric geomembranes. NUMA SERVISS has the license to perform construction works at the sites of hydraulic and ecological construction and we perform the whole range of these works on a contractual basis with the provision of the relevant warranty. Our experts have the appropriate qualifications and a full set of necessary equipment to perform work on welding and assembling various geomembranes. Thanks to our experienced staff and professional equipment, our company provides a guarantee on the works performed.

Waterproofing of foundations

Our company performs waterproofing works for the base slabs, basements, ground floor and technical facilities as well as underground structures using modern waterproofing materials such as bentonite mats and polymeric geomembranes. Our company offers a full range of services related to the design and selection of waterproofing options, supply of the waterproofing materials, installation and subsequent engineering support.

Insulation of landfills

Our company's engineering solutions in the field of geomembrane can reduce costs up to 40% during the construction and rehabilitation of landfills. Application of geosynthetics can significantly reduce the time of construction of the landfill. Average insulating shield construction speed is about 2000 square meters per day. Highest demands on the materials used cause the selection of the most durable, inert to corrosive environments geosynthetics. As the term of operation of landfills may reach 70 years or more, quality control of insulation is of extra importance. This geomembrane technology is used when watertight protection is needed.

Landscaping and beautification works

One of the activities of our company is to supply and to sale the most modern geotextiles and geosynthetics for landscaping and site improvement works. In addition to a wide range of geosynthetics NUMA SIA offers a variety of design solutions for different kinds of landscape construction and improvement works, as well as have special offers for a Garden Centers.

Construction and renovation of buildings

SIA „NUMA SERVISS” provides professional construction services at a high quality and service level. The company offers wide range of construction services with a guarantee of high standards and precise performance of work in agreed terms. Our specialists with 20 years long experience in construction, power industry and communication fields both in Latvia and abroad. The beginning of company`s business and experience is directly related to implementing complicated projects with high requirements. The experience in Western Europe market has significantly contributed to the development of the company, increasing the competencies for working abroad and becoming a reliable partner. The foreign experience facilitated the combination of best Western and Eastern Europe practices, introducing the latest technologies for the best achievements.

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